Tami Gorodetzer

Chicago – Tami Gorodetzer, 29, of Rogers Park, Chicago, died of COVID-19-related heart failure on Friday, May 13th, 2022. She is survived by her mother, Sue Gorodetzer, father, Mark Gorodetzer, sister, Stacey Gorodetzer, nieces Marlee and Michelle, Grandmothers Ann Koss and Marilyn Gorodetzer as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Tami was a fierce and dedicated daughter and friend—an unwavering companion in hard times and an exuberant cheerleader of milestones big and small. She not only made connections, she fostered them, joining people across her careers and hobbies to cultivate a rich community of love and care. She was a bright, gravitational star in the world, pulling those she cherished ever-closer into her magical orbit. To know her was to know true friendship.

Throughout her life, Tami reckoned with the reality of an autoimmune disorder. While in some seasons, she was restrained by her diagnosis, in many, many others, she flourished and thrived. Her greatest moments in life include training for and running the Chicago Marathon twice, visiting Israel for birthright, seeing Ariana Grande in concert, and presenting to standing-room-only audiences at several Out and Equal conferences.

One of Tami’s many passions was advocating for the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people. She knew the importance of being seen and embraced for exactly who you are, and worked relentlessly to educate others on the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Tami’s name to the Brave Space Alliance, an organization that helps marginalized LGBTQ+ people on the south and west sides of Chicago: https://www.bravespacealliance.org/

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